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If you have any questions about an image being ok with the following TOS, feel free to ask the webmaster via the Contact Us option in the main menu. 

General Image Gallery TOS:


General Image Gallery Upload TOS:

The short of it:

If you are not sure, simply contact the Admin and ask.

The long of it:

MPE3D is located and hosted in Germany. However, many of our users reside in the United States of America and are governed by its laws. Therefore, in order to protect our users we will set the age limit for 3D rendered images as well as 2D images to over 18 years of age. Viewers on our site may be 16 years of age or older, or whatever age their jurisdiction sees fit to limit adult imagery viewership.

As we are dealing with 3D images, and no real human beings are involved in any erotic acts, this still doesn't mean we will allow imagery of underaged persons having sex with one another. Nor will we allow imagery of nude children, no matter how innocent it may seem.

This means, no naked youthful or possibly deemed to be underaged angels (even if it is alright for them to fly around the Sistine Chapel in Rome).

This site is a MALE THEMED site, so at the risk of sounding heterophobic, we do not wish to have images of nude women on the site. The same over 18 rule applies here. There are other sites where you can post nude women images to your heart's content, we recommend our friends site www.RaunchyMinds.com for your more heterosexual imagery and fantasies.

So onward to our other expectations for our Image Galleries:

Use of any of these figures in works of "art" here on MPE3D will result in their being immediately deleted from the active galleries.  Repeated usage of these figures in artworks constitutes in warnings and possible banning from the site for Child Pornography.


Note: This TOS was written by Webmaster Antonio Rodriguez, and is not copied from, or taken from anyone else's website. It has been rumoured that this TOS was taken from another Adult Erotic site, which is fully untrue. This is our TOS and it was made specifically for our Male erotica site. This TOS is Copyright © 2004-2014 Antonio Rodriguez, MPE3D, All Rights Reserved, Worldwide.

Last Updated: 20140105 -AR

This TOS was updated on 05. January 2014 to Include Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 in the Figures Allowed section.